The following packages have been put together with our experience in meeting the needs of the typical small, medium or large business. It serves as a guide but by no means should it be considered rigid. If you wish to select your own set of required features please contact us for advice and a formal quote.


Your own webpage
1 email address
Free hosting
Free updates
Make your presence felt on the Internet.
  WEBCARD (R99 setup + R99pm)

This package is intended only as an interim measure to have a basic online presence for customers to be able to find your contact details and learn a bit about the company.

It is commonly used to reserve a domain name for later use or to let customers know that your website is under construction and to communicate the expected launch date.

It is called a "WebCard" because it consists of only a single page. It is NOT a website.

Your own website
5 email addresses
Free hosting
Free updates
As a small business you cannot afford to ignore the exposure and selling power of the Internet.
  VENTURE ONLINE (R299 setup + R339pm)

This package is intended for the entrepreneur or small business to take advantage of the power of the Internet in terms of exposure. A website can be a powerful tool and make a small business look like any size it wants to project.

A website gives credibility and makes your business seem established, professional and inspires confidence in potential clients. You can now also take advantage of online advertising and listing your business in all the online yellow pages and business portals.

Professional website
25 email addresses
Ecommerce ready
Professional hosting
Unlimited updates
All you need to get your business online and get online business.
  BUSINESS ONLINE (R599 setup + R759pm)

This package is intended for the established business that wants to take advantage of the Internet as a powerful business tool. Ecommerce , online credit card payments, product showcases and price lists are all available under this option.

As an established player you want a website that puts the competition to shame and showcases your success. You're looking to highlight your products, services and other competencies and use your website to establish your brand online. Perhaps you desire international exposure which the Web is perfect for.


Professional website
50 email addresses
Dynamic content
Ecommerce ready
Advanced Hosting
A professional fully outsourced managed website solution that makes business sense.
  CORPORATE ONLINE (R799 setup + R1499pm)

This package is intended for the established corporate that wants to take advantage of the Internet as a powerful communication medium both within the company and outside. Besides an impressive online presence worthy of your stature this option allows for custom developed dynamic offerings and an Intranet.

Improve your relationship with your stakeholders by offering them access to internal account and portfolio information to facilitate easy communication and online transcation processing. Use the power of the Internet for thin client applications with global reach. No corporate can afford to be without an Intranet to facilitate internal communication, easy collaboration and effective information dissemination within the organisation.

New to Web technology ?
Let us guide you through the 5 simple steps to getting your business online.
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