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Whether or not you want to accept credit card payments over the internet without a Website you are depriving yourself of the millions of people who search and comparison shop online for the things they need.

A few years ago the majority of us shopped with a "Yellow pages" and a telephone when we wanted to get the best deal, today its with an internet connection and email. Just think of someone looking for a used car - would you rather sneak off from work, drive for a few hours and visit 10 dealerships in your local area or sit after hours in the comfort of your own home and visit 20 dealerships all over the province in 10 minutes. In fact - go to any online motoring portal which concentrates the stock of hundreds of dealerships and dealer groups and you can search the entire country in 10 seconds for exactly what you want. The power of the Internet to boost sales is phenomenal and growing rapidly as more and more people get access to the internet from home or at work.

A common misconception is that E-Commerce is the Internet version of mail order. Another is that you can become an instant millionaire from selling obscure goods online. True E-commerce means leveraging the visual selling power of the Web to expose your products, your service and your business. Make a good impression online and people will search out your "real-world" shops and offices to do business.

Taking credit cards payments online is only one aspect of e-commerce and is really a convenience you offer to your customers. Because you receive instant notification that a certain item has ben paid for and you can safely set it aside for the customer to pick up, or use a courier company and have it delivered to the customers door. Either way your customers will appreciate your providing them with good quick service and an extra convenience.

People are slowly getting used to the idea of shopping online. When you explain to them that giving their credit card to a waiter at a restaurant is about a million times more dangerous than sending an encrypted credit card number across a secure network to a trusted online vendor they feel quite stupid. But even if you dont beleive that taking online payments makes sense for your business you still need to provide your customers with the convenience of viewing your showroom online with pictures of your wares on display.

We offer full ecommerce packages from R760pm which includes all costs. Speak to an Instant Online consultant who will be able to understand your particular needs an advise accordingly. Our advice is free and there is no obligation or expectation.


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