The following package has been put together to get you an instant online presence.
For when you want to reserve a domain name or cant wait to have an online face the "WEBCARD" is for you.

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R99 setup (once off) + R99pm (monthly)

We understand ...

You dont want to spend on a website right now but you want to be reachable and searchable on the Internet and expose your business.
Or you have just reserved a domain name and dont want a blank page while your website is being developed.
The "WEBCARD" is perfect for you.

    The WEBCARD Package includes ...

  1. Your very own professional Web Page

You get a professionally designed Web Page created in your corporate image, theme and color scheme.
Your Web Page will be designed in consultation with YOU to make sure YOU get what YOU paid for.
You can choose your own Internet name "" which distinguishes your "company name" or "brand" on the Internet and makes it easier for customers to find you.

  2. One professional email address

You get 1 professional email address in the form ""
4 professional email aliases in the form "" with redirection to a MWEB,WorldOnline or other external email account.
Web email access - Access your mailbox from a web browser anywhere in the world. (works like Hotmail)
  3. Free Hosting

We host your website on fast reliable servers with full redundancy for as long as you remain a subscriber.
We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee from our hosting provider.

  4. Free Emergency Backups

Your website is regularly backed up and can be restored easily in case of an emergency.

  5. Free Updates and Maintenance

Updates and upgrades to the Web Page are done at no additional charge.

The Web Page reflects your business - so of course you're gonna want to add new stuff, delete old stuff and update details. This is where Instant Online trounces its competitors - we do this for free while our competitors charge by the hour.
  6. Free Search Engine registration

Your Web Page will be registered on the popular search engines to make sure your customers find you.

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