The following package has been put together with our experience in meeting the needs of the typical medium sized business. It serves as a guide but by no means should it be considered rigid. If you wish to select your own set of required features please contact us for advice and a formal quote.

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R599 setup (once off) + R759pm (monthly)

We understand ...

The established business wants a website that makes business sense. A website that promotes the companies best interests and showcases its corporate culture and success. Maybe you want to sell online and use the Internet as just another revenue generating channel. Maybe you just want to communicate with your customer base and provide online specials, promotions, competitions or just allow them to browse your stock online. Whatever your requirements we have the perfect solution ...

The BUSINESS ONLINE Package gives you the power of the Internet at an affordable fixed monthly fee. And to show you how committed we are to your satisfaction there is no long term binding contract to tie you down. We offer a 1 calender month termination clause as standard should you decide that its not working for you. Compare that fact to our competitors offerings !

And remember - we are not selling you a website (like the common "Hit and Run" web designer) - we are providing you with our continous commitment and service.

So let your organisation remain focused on its core business objectives while we take care of everything online ...

    The BUSINESS ONLINE Package includes ...

  1. An impressive professional website

You get a professionally designed Website created in your corporate image, theme and color scheme.
Your website will be designed in consultation with YOU to make sure YOU get what YOU paid for.
You can choose your own Internet name "" which distinguishes your "company name" or "brand" on the Internet and makes it easier for customers to find you.

Be careful - many companies that offer cheap web solutions use cheap website templates instead of personalized web design. This means you get a ameteur looking website that hurts your organisations image and in the long run may prove to be worse than having no website at all. Remember that people who shop online are going to compare your website to your competitors and make a choice as to who is more professional and inspires more confidence.
  2. Twenty Five professional email addresses

You get 25 professional email addresses in the form ""
Unlimited professional email aliases in the form "" with redirection to a MWEB,WorldOnline or other external email account if desired.
Web email access - Your staff may access their mailboxes from a web browser at home or anywhere in the world. (works like Hotmail)
  3. Professional Reliable Hosting

We host all websites at an external dedicated hosting facility on fast reliable servers with full redundancy including fully redundant international links and failsafe power.
All our websites are hosted by our (international) dedicated hosting partner who has a huge investment in state of the art equipment and access to massive bandwith. Hosting is their core business and they have been voted the #1 hosting company in South Africa in 2003.
We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee from our hosting provider.

Dont take hosting for granted - Without access to good bandwidth your customers will get bored waiting for a web page to download and move on to your competitors website.

Beware of web design companies who host your website on their own inadequate hardware and low bandwidth diginet lines. A professional hosting facility costs tens of millions of rands and unless the web design company is pretty huge you are taking an unacceptable risk on their inadequate bandwidth and risky infrastructure.

  4. Free Emergency Backups

Your website is regularly backed up and can be restored easily in case of an emergency.

  5. Free Updates and Maintenance

Updates and upgrades to the site are done at no additional charge.

A website reflects the dynamic nature of your business - so of course you're going to need to make changes. This is where Instant Online trounces its competitors - we do this for free while our competitors charge hundreds of rands per hour for this kind of maintenance.

  6. Free Search Engine registration

Your website will be registered on the popular search engines to make sure your customers find you.

The value of Search Engines can not be overestimated. The Internet is so vast that the only way to find products and services online is to go through a Search Engine.

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