Even the best website can get stale from neglect. Companies dont always have the time and resources to make sure their web presence keeps pace with their business. Because your online face is the first thing prospective clients are likely to see, you definitely don't want to create a bad first impression.

A few years ago most people comparison shopped with a Yellow Pages and a telephone. Today its with an Internet connection and email. Can you really afford to lose clients to your competitors just because of an inferior online image ?

At Instant Online we have developed a suite of managed business services to address the need for companies to maintain an impressive online presence without the need for additional IT staff.

Our clients trust that a professional website is best left to, well professionals; with experience, insight and a proven track record. We dont just build websites - we build online strategies. Your website will be designed, developed, hosted, maintained and continually updated - by professionals, while you focus on your core business. You enjoy all this for a fully inclusive fixed monthly fee.

We provide professional outsourced managed web solutions that make business sense. With a dedicated team of professional artists and developers, your online face will look - always fresh, always current, and always inviting - ready to promote you in the best possible light 24/7/365.

So before you trust your companies reputation to the next pimply faced computer nerd give us a call and let us show you the difference.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  What does a typical website cost ?
  How do your costs compare to MWEB Business and other website providers ?
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  What if I dont like what you design ? Is my satisfaction guaranteed ?
  What do your packages include ?
  How often can I update my website ?
  Can I get a discount if I take more than one website ? Or if I refer someone else ?
  Do I have to sign a contract ? What if I dont want the website a few months down the line ?
  Where can I see examples of your previous work ?
  What is "website rental" ?

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